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    Is it possible to have too many domain controllers. Currently supporting a network of 500 PCs and 1000 users, 1 Exchange box, and 1 web server. Running Windows 2000 Native at this point, will be running Windows 2003 in the next few weeks.

    Right now, 3 domain controllers are humming along. We want to add 2 additional domain controllers, one in our datacenter and one in at our DR site (connected by fiber, roughly 1/4 mile away). The idea that too many domain controllers can lead to too much chattering was brought up and I can see that being an issue. I know we will definetly add the one at our DR site, but would it be OK to add the addtional DC in our datacenter? or would that create too much uneeded traffic.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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