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    I am in a production environment. I am in a small government agency with 2
    servers, one being SBS 2003 Premium. (Other Windows 2000 member server.)

    Exchange is up and running. I will be using an external service
    ( as my front-end. This is for emails not other Exchange

    I want to give my external users OWA access as well as RPC over HTTP for
    their Outlook 2003.

    It seems the only way to do this is via ISA. Is that correct?

    I look at:

    and I start getting concerned what will happen to my server running the
    config wizard. My server has two NICS but I don’t want to use the firewall on
    them. They are load balanced. I have another firewall at our Internet entry

    So my questions are:

    1) Must I use ISA – or better yet should I?
    2) Can I install it – even manually – without it changing my current network settings or causing down time? Then configure manually.
    3) RPC over HTTP is installed. I don’t see ISA listed anywhere – even in
    Add/Remove Programs – Windows Components Wizard. Why isn’t it listed as a
    component to add?


    I shortcut the install process because of time and other issues. I
    stopped ISA install during this. I would like to install it now – if needed.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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