There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request.

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    Guys , I’m looking for some help on this. We got this message last week when users tried to log on to my domain.

    I never got this issue before and I would of considered my domain robust.

    It was very strange and I am wondering if I have some bigger issues. First let me expand on my environment.

    1. In my site and services I have 4 domain controllers
    2. The vlan’s used are assigned to the correct sites
    3. When users log on – 1 of the 4 domain controllers will service their request
    4. A GPO for my desktops , turns off interactive logon (set to zero) so users cannot log on to the pcs without a DC/DHCP etc.

    We are in the process of installing 2012 R2 DCs. This work was completed a number of weeks ago , so 2 of the DCs where 2012 R2 , the other 2 were 2008 DCs.

    To help reduce some issues around static DNS enteries in servers and applications , we swapped the ip addresses of 2 DCs’ (1 2008 and 1 2012) and rebooted.

    AD replication was working and everything seems fine.

    Users arrived in the next morning and started to received the message “there are currently no logon servers available” message.

    To resolve the issue, I had to swap back the ip addresses to there original servers and rebooted. Everything was resolved.

    This left me wondering ,
    1 – as there were other DCs in my sites and services which should of serviced the logon but didn’t for what ever reason. Is the configuration of the others DCs correct? I can’t think of anything
    2 – I’ve swapped IP addresses on DCs before. Is there anything required with 2012 R2 Dcs if I swap IPs?

    Any help or insight would be great.



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