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    Frustrating to say the lease. Working to get everything off 2008R2 and keep getting held up with issues….

    We have a Unify WiFi system that is using Radius from NPS on a 2008R2 server. We have clients not being able to connect to the WiFi. Only thing I can find in any error logs are on the 2008R2 server where it is showing error reason code 268, “The received certificate has expired.”

    I have checked the NPS server under Policies/Network Policies/<WiFi connection policy>/Constraints/Aauthentication/EAP Policies for the certificate being referred to by the server. This cert is valid until 2021. We do not push any certs to the clients – they log in using their AD user name and password. I have checked the cert to make sure that it is valid for the server name and for client/server identification.

    This is driving me nuts. Any suggestions on what is broken?

    Thanks in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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