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    Since being made redundant last year (from Capita no less), after a brief spell as a contractor, I’ve decided that semi-retirement is the way forward.

    Obviously, I’ve tried to get work but, at 60, the market seems determined to hire those who are younger and better qualified however, it’s given me the time to complete my first book submission (just waiting for it to be published now) and to form my own local business, Rocksquad Computers, designed to help local people and businesses in a more ethically focussed way. The problem with the home PC support business is that so many people out there seem determined to rip their customers off … my mother got someone in when she wasn’t able to get help from me and the guy left her worse off than when he arrived and charged her £60 for the privilege, others tell me the same thing.

    So, I decided to create Rocksquad (RSQ) Computers with a Facebook presence, advertising online and by flyers through people’s doors. My basic idea is reasonable fees (none if there’s no fix), a discussion forum online, a Facebook page and a series of free local PC clinics. It hasn’t cost much to set up, mostly just time and effort, and financially I look at it as “beer money” (not literally, money to buy a few extra things) and as much as providing a service via the clinics, discussion forum and “howto’s” on my website.

    So yeah, that’s it really. As usual, any advice appreciated :)

    Some of you were, kindly, interested in my book so I’ll definitely post a note when that gets published in case anyone’s interested.

    Keke (JC Rocks)

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