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    Hi all, first post after years of reading and solving problems thanks to you ;)

    (Sorry if my question is in the wrong place)

    My question is about changing the little “server farm” that i have.
    I am busy with vmware to virtualize our servers. Why? to make our servers more dynamic. (put more ram or cpu when needed, hardware errors, etc)

    I’m hosting terminal servers / exchange etc and the systems are windows 2003 server (std / enterprise) and Exchange 2003 some with active-sync to mobile phones. The vmhost systems are windows 2003 ent. (because we cant support nix systems)

    What we have:

    Several litle company’s rend there own server with office and exchange. This company’s have 1 server with AD / Exchange and terminal services one 1 box with max 5 users on it, enterprise AV software, zabbix monitor systems, 5 TB NAS backup systems and Gbit infra.

    I know that hosting AD / Exchange and terminal services one 1 system = NOT done… (Small Business Server…? lol) but it works fine for many years now because the have max 5 users on it.

    My questions:

    1. Is it possible (and a good idea) to make one exchange server that host mail for several AD domains who are NOT integrated in our forest?
    Or put the Ad’s in the our forest like : company.ourforest.local

    2. Is it a good idea to put AD and Exchange seperated from Terminal servers?
    (the servers running fine for many years now and if it ain’t broken….)

    3. What should you do if you have PLENTY of hardware and software licenses and you starting from scratch to build a “farm” to host terminal servers with mail / office etc and different Active Directory’s?

    Thank you for your post.


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