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    I signed my company up for Microsoft Online hosted email service.

    From the get go we have had problems with items getting stuck in the outbox for minutes and warning messages in Outlook “Connection to Microsoft Exchange server has been lost”.

    I’m wondering if we have a DNS issue and so am posting here.

    I have this problem with all 4 of our PCs in the office.
    They are all using Word 2007 (3 on xp, and 1 on Windows 7)

    I configured a profile for 1 of the mailboxes on my home PC and don’t have a problem at home. So I think the problem is with our local network or internet connection.

    We have a T1 with 12 users (only 4 have email)

    I have reports from our T1 provider that show the total utilization is NOT excessively high during the times we are having email trouble.

    We have a windows 2003 server and all the PCs point to the server for dns. Forwarders are setup on the server pointing at our ISP DNS servers.

    DNS was not my first guess as the cause of the problem, but I’m at my wit’s end.

    Is there a way to test my dns resolution from the workstations, other than an nslookup? I’m thinking of a more continuous test that may explain why the periodic drops of connection to the Exchange server.
    TIA for ANY ideas!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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