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    I have inherited administration of a network that consists of 15 or so pc’s that exclusively use terminal server sessions for their software, a Windows 2003 Terminal Server running 20 TS User cals and a Windows 2003 server as a Domain Controller. The TS is a member of the domain and clients logon to the domain then straight into remote desktop on the TS.
    This all works well and has been for a number of months, however, for some reason the clients stopped getting access to the TS with an rpc error when trying to authenticate in a remote desktop logon. IE, when you try to connect, you are given the logon screen, but when actually logging in, the error occurs and drops you out.

    I discovered that from the TS system, you could not access the DC in anyway, browsing etc, except for pings.

    I removed the TS from the domain and back into a workgroup, deleted the computer account on the DC and then reconnected the term server back to the domain and presto, clients can log in.

    This has happened two times in two weeks and I’m kinda wondering if anyone has any idea why this is happening?.
    Event logs dont seem to give any indication of errors on either servers, however the TS system has some strange issues accessing the event logs as local admin (be it locally logged on or logging onto the domain) as I cannot see at all the system log entry – it’s completly missing.
    If I log in to the TS from a remote pc via remote desktop and as administrator, I can see the system log.

    Any ideas?
    I’ll post screen shots of event viewer and error messages when i can.
    Both servers are dual 3ghz xeons with raid 3 serial raptor drives for the o/s, 4gb ecc mem on the TS and 2gb ecc mem on the DC, running Win2k3 std sp1.

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