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    Incorrectly disconnected sessions appear active.

    We encounter this problem mostly on Wi-Fi, and sometimes over DSL, dialup or other unreliable links.

    Sometimes a client is disconnected abruptly, ex. when a Wi-Fi connection is lost or DSL is down. Very often in such cases, Terminal Server doesn’t notice it, and such in fact disconnected sessions are shown in Terminal Services Manager as ‘Active’. Then if this user connects again, a new session is started. This is not the desired result. If the administrator will disconnect the session manually, only then the user can reconnect to his/her session.

    What are possible solutions to that? We have Windows 2000 Server as the Terminal server, and clients are mostly Windows XP.

    I know that if we upgrade our server to Windows 2003, then we will be able to use the option “Restrict each user to one session”. Then if a user connects again, s/he will get into his/her lost session even if the server thinks it is active. However, this is not the ideal solution, as our users sometimes need to have two concurrent working sessions. In addition, cost of switching to Windows 2003 is rather high (our database administrator doesn’t want to hear about that).

    Is it possible to have in RDP protocol some way to check if the link is alive? So strange they didn’t do it. Or did they?

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