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Target account name is incorrect

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    In my comapany I have about 15 laptops with different operating systems. They al can connect from outside the company to the LAN using VPN. The VPN is configured on a SBS 2003 machine using Routing and Remote Acces. Users can access the fileserver and a SharePoint server without any problems, except 1 laptop.

    This laptop runs Windows 7 Pro x64. The user is able to setup the VPN and using the SharePoint server, but is having trouble connecting to shared folders on a particular fileserver (win2k3 std). The error message is “Target account name is incorrect”. Below some facts about the problem and some things i’ve tried allready to solve it.

    – I migrated te shares to another server running win2k8 R2 std. This fileserver runs instead of the old win2k3 fileserver and has the same hostname and IP address.

    – I removed the laptop from the domain, gave it another computername and then joined it to the domain again.

    – The problem occurs only at the home of the laptops user. When he connects from another location, even from another country everything works fine. But, when he tries it from home with another laptop (my laptop, his own useraccount) that is in the same domain, it works fine.

    I’m out of options here, so any suggestions are more then welcome! :bowdown:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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