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    Cool! I just learned tonight that Exchange 2003 supports SMTP tar pit. For a few years I have been running a front end SMTP server on a dedicated server with 3rd party GNU freeware on it that was performing tar pitting for me (the software I have been using to date is called Fluffy the SMTP Guard Dog). Now I can look at getting rid of the dedicated Fluffy server. Fluffy is good when it’s working but it was very buggy and crashes frequently. When it crashes, it no longer relays email to the Exchange server. So then the incoming mail stops. There has been no development progress on Fluffy over the past few years and the Fluffy project has gone stale or been abandoned by its programming group. I’m glad I have another choice now.

    For me tar pitting has been one of the only effective means of fighting SPAM. Without tar pitting, I was getting over 100 SPAM emails a day. After implementing tar pitting, my SPAM email was reduced to about 3 per day.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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