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    Good Day,

    Having spent days and days trying to work out why my new sysprep image will not work, I have pinpointed the problem to SP3. For some reason if you have SP3 installed and then sysprep it, you get an autochk.exe error when you try to roll that image out.

    I have since worked out a workaround although I am not yet aware of what problems down the line this workaround will cause so be warned. I have basically installed SP3 but then replaced the following files with the SP2 versions:

    This appears to fix the problem and the syspreped image is able to roll out as normal. When I get time I will copy the SP3 version files back to a workstation after the syspreped image has rolled out to see if this will cause any problems. If anyone else has time to test this please let me know. Thanks

    As yet I have not had time to to an exhaustive investigation into these files so it might only be one of them that needs changing instead of all three. Again, if anyone has time and can test this theory and leave a post on here it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    I hope this helps somebody and saves them a lot of time pulling their hair out with the new SP3.

    Kind regards


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