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    Hi all,

    I guess this is the right place to ask this.

    This is the problem that i am encountering now.
    I have a forest with one domain at the top and 6 child domains.
    Each child domain has at least 2 sites.
    Each site has 2 DC (W2K8R2) and 1 or 2 file servers.
    All servers are virtual machines that have been cloned from a template. We do a sysprep every time we add a machine.
    We have added a W2012 machine in the top of the forest domain for tests purposes.

    This is the situation as it should be.

    A few weeks ago, we started to have an issue in one of the sites. The servers did not finish their “transformation” into global catalog. (event IDs 1559, 1578, 1110 and 1809).
    Since then, I am facing more and more problems in all sites.

    It took me a long time to find out that the problem is PROBABLY caused by one of the child domain that stopped synchronizing with the rest of the forest.

    I am now faced with one of the A.D. which has not synched with the rest of the forest for quite a long time, the D.C. password has probably not been reset correctly, and I cannot afford to have the domain recreated (error 5722).

    I tried to look at
    But cannot make it work (on step 5, I get a message that it cannot load the values for all the attributes. Error code 0x2121).

    I am stuck and wondering if anyone could help me.

    How can I force the D.C. to be synced with the rest of the forest?

    Thanks in advance.

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