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    We are currently looking at making our DHCP fault tolerant. We don’t have many users and are not concerned with overloading a system.

    Right now DHCP, DNS, and Active Directory run on our only DC, we’ll call it NS1. Don’t worry we will be adding another DC and installing DNS on it as well, creatively called NS2.

    We’re looking at a couple solutions if NS1 fails. Obviously with a second DC setup running DNS and a GC AD will be fine. But we would still loose our DHCP server. What if we set up a DHCP server on NS2 with the exact same settings and scopes as are on NS1 and simply disable the DHCP service? If NS1 dies all we should have to do is enable the DHCP service on NS2 and it would take over.

    How does this sound as a failover plan for DHCP?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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