Stuck in safe mode loop

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    I’m new here on the forum but I am a long time viewer of MCSE World. I have researched this question already on google, and have already solved the problem, however I would like to know if anyone here knows of an easier or better solution that I could have used.

    I recently set up a test Windows 2003 Server (Enterprise Edition) on a spare box that I had. I am using it to learn about server administering and because I am very interested in how windows networks work and would like to get a job in this field some day.

    Anyways, After installing a service pack when I rebooted the computer would start up the windows splash screen, after a few seconds the screen would refresh and then the computer would lock up. I have experienced this problem before as well on windows xp machines. I did a repair installation and it seemed to fix that problem however it would only boot into safe mode even if I pressed F8 and told it to boot normally. Since it was in the setup process from the repair installation it would not load into windows but only show an error message which said ” Setup cannot continue under Safemode. Windows will now restart.” or something to that effect. I did some research on google and tried several things including resetting the BIOS (By removing the cmos battery), doing a chkdsk and fixboot from recovery console. But none of this solved the problem. I even tried reinstalling again but that did not work. I eventually had to reformat the drive and then do a clean install which fixed the problem.

    Well now that you’ve read my story, does anyone know what an easier solution to my problem would have been?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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