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    Hello I have a question about Strict Replication Consistency and how it really works. I have searched many MS articles and scoured the net but unfortunately for me it is not clear about some of the functions of the SRC ( strict replication consistency) Here is what I know:
    SRC is not enabled on my domains as most where upgraded from Windows 2000 so for the majority of my Windows 2003 servers the reg key for SRC does not exist. I have created a vbscript to write the regkey to all the DC in my forest ( and yes I know this can be done with the repadmin /src + switch. ( but that does not fix the remaining windows 2000 DC’s I have ) . So once I enable this I know that the SRC on the Naming context that it has a writeable/readable copy of can be in essence write protected against lingering objets per say. But what I don’t know for certain is that if I enable SRC what will happen to all the Read only partitions for this naming context on the other GC’s in the forest. Will it reconcile the other partitions? I think not, which will cause me a great deal of work as I have 57 partitions and over 100 Gc world wide. So I think that if I enable the SRC it will prevent future Lingering object problems but I will have to manually cleanup all partitions against a known good server of the naming context I wish to clean.
    Can anyone provide any other opinions on the topic or correct me if my thinking is wrong.
    Thanks in advance.

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