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    Ok so, Ive inherited a network setup which has some strange configurations – or at least its something I haven’t seen before. There are mail enabled user accounts which have a default email address of a domain which is part of the company but not setup on that exchange server as an accepted domain. By that I mean the company is made up of several groups, accounts at company have their email setup as but as said – the domain isn’t an accepted domain on that mail server.

    There may be a trust setup between the 2 domain and I’m yet to investigate, But am I correct in thinking this isn’t a recommended config? I cant see how mail is delivered BUT the account in question is an O365 mail based account so I would think the client is just pulling from O365. But I cant understand why there is a mailbox in domain at all and there isn’t just a standard account and configure the mailbox using the account

    Hope I haven’t confused anyone too much – like I said its just something I haven’t seen before??


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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