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    Greetings, i hope you can give me some insight, ive been trying to perform a migration from SBS 2000 to 2003 R2 today except i am unable to migrate the Sid history for user accounts.

    It continually fails with the error informing me that i have either not set the “TcpipClientSupport” registry value to 1 on the source DC or the PDC cannot be contacted when using ADMT v2.0

    This is despite the fact that i can ping it, browse to it by name, ip address and browse active directory from the destination server.

    I have followed the Microsoft SBS migration guide, applied forwarders to both source at destination servers, used the same username and password for the built in administrator account on each server and created the domain local security group on the source server using the ADMT wizard.

    Ive tried using the ADMT v3.0 tool but it gives me the error “RPC Service is unavailable”

    Ive found several documents which relate to the issue but none that specifically relate to SBS – SBS migrations, the common solution is too add a trust between the two domains but its obviously not an option here.

    If anyone could throw some ideas into the pot it would be much appreciated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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