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    Ill start by explaining the setup. Its pretty standard.
    1) Domain controller running Win 2003 Server standard ed.
    2) My network
    3) Domain controller IP on net card:
    4) IP static pool configured for handout to vpn clients: to .239 ( mask)
    5) IP of Routing remote access virtual interface takes IP

    1st let me say that normal vpn clients connect fine. I can make a single workstation connection to the server above, get an ip out of the static pool and do work on the network as if Im directly attached to the LAN.

    I have a remote network ( that Im trying to connect to our network via a PPTP tunnel the server above. The router for the connects its pptp tunnel perfectly to the Windows 2003 server above. It gets IP I can ping from the router.

    1) I add a route and route it out the virtual PPP1 interface on the router.

    2) I have the windows 2003 server automatically add a route back to the network (route is assigned to the username the router uses to log into the PPTP tunnel so the windows 2003 server adds the route automatically when the tunnel comes up).

    3) Computers on the have the default route set to the only router on the network which has the pptp tunnel to

    Problem: LAN stations on network cannot ping the address of the routing and remote access server nor can they ping anything behind it. LAN stations on network cannot ping anything on the network including which is the IP of the LAN side of the remote router.

    The crazy part: The routes are working. I setup a packet sniffer on the PPTP tunnel, also one on the LAN interface of the router AND on the RRAS interface of the windows 2003 box AND on the LAN interface of the Windows 2003 box……. With the sniffers running I pinged from the windows 2003 server to… The ping reply went out AND CAME BACK correctly with a source IP of and a destination IP of… BUT I WAS GETTING NO REPLY, no reply, no reply in the ping window!!!! I try pinging from a workstation on the LAN… SAME THING the packets go down the PPTP tunnel, the router sends a reply back up the tunnel… the packet comes in the RRAS interface ( with the correct source IP of and destination IP of the LAN client (… BUT IT NEVER GOES OUT the lan interface of the Windows 2003 server ( The packet gets lost in a black hole of the server!! The sniffer I have running on the LAN interface of the windows 2003 server shows NO icmp packets going out just the ICMP echo requests comming into it from

    Let me say this… I can connect the router to other networks using the method above just fine.. I can even connect it to another Linux router via pptp and route between the networks just fine… This problem just boggles my mind… it has to be some kind of arp issue? Any help would be much appreciated.

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