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    Hi mates,
    I hope someone knows about this phenomena :

    On a high end Intel P4 machine, backups are made by DVDRW+/- LG 4163 X16 through Nero6.0.0.0 ultra edition.
    “Nero express” is burning data on the dvd media with no problem.
    On a scheduled backup with “Nero backitup” every thing seems to go right until burning ends but when browsing to dvd content nothing is seen. The dvd media looks blank even though it has been burned.
    How do I know that it has been burned ?
    Open it for a new burnning in “Nero express” that measures the amount of left space for burning and it is not empty.
    Actually I can see throgh “Nero express” browser the burned folders on the dvd media which make it even more confusing. :?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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