Storage device not importing after new OS installation.

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    Recently I had to do a reinstall of my bootable drive, its a long story, the bootable drive had corrupted and I lost my data Im currently using a program to recover the data, that is not the problem though. Since reinstalling XP pro with SP2, I ve had difficulties trying to import my storage drive in the Administrative tools, computer management tool. The drive is a second storage drive in a removable caddy one like this and is picked up by the BIOS when I boot my PC. Meaning it detects both master and slave drive.


    Usually an option appears in computer managemnt that asks “Import a foregin drive or object” now thats not coming up in the menu at all. The only options available are convert it to dynamic disk, propeties and help. Its an IDE caddy drive with a 300Gb WD in it. I dont want to convert to disk to dynamic disk due too one fact… the data will be lost.

    Any suggestions to why this has happened or a solution would be greatly appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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