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    Here’s one I can’t figure out. I have two domain controllers for the same domain on each end of a VPN. Also on each end are Terminal Servers. Files are synchronized in real time between the two with the intention that if one site goes down the users can log into the Terminal Server on the side that is up. The problem I’m having though is that since the login script syncs between the controllers drives are being mapped to the same server regardless of the Terminal Server in use.

    What I need to have happen is that if a user logs into the Terminal Server at site A the login script for site A is used and if logging into the Terminal Server for site B site B’s login script is used. Never should either site use the script for the other site.

    The down and dirty method is to put the appropriate login script in the startup folder on the side it relates to for each user, but I’m thinking there has to be an easier way.

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