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    I was trying to resolve an issue today with our SSL OWA. It stopped working recently and I noticed that the cert had expired. It had expired months ago and I’m sure that SSL OWA was working but I decided to re-up the current cert since things weren’t working. The process went fine and now the cert is good for 2 years. The result of this though is now my IMAP clients can’t access Exchange with SSL. Non SSL is fine. I’m not sure what I did? I read that I have to config “multiple identities for this website” on the Advanced Web Site Identification page from the Web Site TAB of my web site properties in IIS. Do I need to add port 993 for secure IMAP there? Should I add 443 as well? This was not set before – all that was there the default of port 80???

    Also, I’m running Exchange 2003 Ent in a 2 note A/P cluster.

    Thanks for any info-

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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