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    James Haynes

    i gotta ask a stupid question…

    i have an SQL 2000 SP4 dB that runs against the GFI mailarchiver installed on my eX box. the tlogs are ususally ok as far as groth, but today i came in and the drive they are on (that had 9 gigs free, outta 30) is full, with only 700 megs left.

    needless to say i stopped the polling on the journaler account, so no new transactions are comming in.

    i have a maintance plan to optimize, and a scheduled backup, but for some reason that doesnt seem to clear the logs like it has previously.

    i have this command that is supposed to truncate the log files, but where the hell do i type this? im lost…


    and the same for the DBCC_SHRINK commands as well… i have no where to type them…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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