Sql server really slow, unless i eliminate the gateway

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    Kobe 310

    I’m using a software program that was hosted by another company, and it ran fast, now I host it and the query’s run slow. if I put no gateway on servers nic, then it runs blazing fast. I ran wireshark on it, (my backup server) new to wireshark, don’t really understand how it works, but i figured it’s worth a try. I’m trying to analize the diffrence between the query’s with and without the gateway, any suggestions. I have to have the gateway for production.

    Here is what I’ve done,

    cisco router
    using virtual machines
    created another nic, and went straight to comcast modemrouter(diffrent network(3), i have 3 comcast modems), still did same thing. so i’m pretty sure i just eliminated my network.
    I have support with vmware, they boosted my box to 6 cpu’s and 6g ram, there are only 5 users. they log on through terminal services inside the network.

    Hope that helps


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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