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    Ok so first off I wanna say I really dun even know if I am in the right place here, but I really need some help. I am here with some hope that someone will know how to help me.
    Ok, so my pc acting really funny lately, not sure why, dun care at this point, so I decided to reformat. I have done this before, however, a friend made a boot disk, and everything was pretty easy. But, somehow I have lost the floppy, dun ask how, and so I thought i would go it without the boot disk since I am not even sure how to make a new one.
    So I put in my windows xp disk, I had to boot from cd in BIOS, it booted disk drivers at the bottom of the screen, then I hit f10. Then it asked me for the Admin password, now when I reformatted my last pc, I only had to hit enter at this point, and it continued, yet this time I have to put the in password, giving me only 3 attempts. Only thing is, I don’t know what it is. It is not the same password as the one I use to login to windows on my user accounts, so does anyone know what this password is if different then the windows login, or how I can retreive it so I can move past that point in the reformat?
    Any info would help, I am willing to try anything.
    Thanks Mary-Lu

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