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Someone has experience with Virtual Channel programming?

Home Forums Virtualization Terminal Services Someone has experience with Virtual Channel programming?

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    Dear all,

    I don’t know if I can post a question about programming for Terminal Services in this forum or not, but I have tried several places and cannot get any good answer. Please forgive me if it’s not appropriated to post here.

    I have a small freeware program named Remote File Transfer for Terminal Server, this program is used to transfer file from Terminal Server (Citrix) to the client side. It’s used almost in the case when opening an email attachment on the server the attached file will be transferred to the local machine and opened with the default associated program on the local machine. From Windows Server 2000 up to Windows 2008R2 my program works very well, but on Windows 2012/R2 when the file is copied on the client side, it seems that there are missing bytes or bad buffers when transferring over the Virtual Channel.

    I have seen in the TechNet forums, the MSDN team said from Windows 2012 the Virtual Channel was implemented other way than previous Windows versions. Especially with the functions like WFVirtualChannelOpen, WFVirtualChannelRead and WFVirtualChannelWrite, a lot of people got problem, but it seems there is no solution yet.

    Is there anyone of you having the same problem similar like this? If yes, how did you get a fix for that.

    Thank you very much

    Thomas Tran

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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