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    Hi all,

    ok, we’re opening a 2nd office about 60 miles from our head office. Currently we run a pre-dominantly server 2003 network with users connecting to TS via RDP (all apps installed on server).

    The 2nd office could be setup so that the users simply RDP into the head office the way we would if we were working from home, as the data and apps are available to all users in both sites.
    However, this can often be laggy (depending on internet connection/bandwidth/contention). It will only be a standard ADSL+ connection, and with the 2nd site users connection like this permanently, i’m not sure this is a viable solution.
    Also we have cad workers that have autocad installed locally (certainly not on the app server for obvious reasons). However they’d need to access the head office server to get to cad files, and herein lies the problem. Copying’n’ pasting/dragging’n’dropping files across a RDP connection (by allowing the local drive to be connected to the server session) is laboriously and painfully slow, no matter what the connection.

    And it’s in this that i’m looking for solutions from you guys please.


    VPN – i’ve never used one though tbh, so not too sure. Am i right in thinking that they tunnel the local pc resources through to the head office, thus allowing files to be dragged/copied to and from server to local desktop.
    FTP – but this has the hassle of having to be managed with user accounts being set up and multiple copies of the files residing on the server, and i’m the only person supporting all this (no help)
    Lan to Lan router – This would then allow the user to have a shortcut to the storageserver on their local desktop and they can then drag’n’drop, just like we do now in the head office. Seems the more practical solution at the moment.

    Our current hardware in head office is a Watchguard Edge X55e, which would probably need to be replaced, so existing hardware compatibility is probably not an issue as we’ll replace if needed.

    Any suggestions would be very welome.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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