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    I am facing problem with using SMS Administrator Console on the helpdesk workstation

    • The Helpdesk users are using SMS Administrator Console on is workstation
    • When the Helpdesk try to open SMS Administrator Console .
    he get an error message “connection failed” (pls seeattached screenshot)
    • when i run this application as domain admin user, is work properly.
    or if I add the Helpdesk users as domain admin or workstation local administrator it work fine .but I don’t want to grant him a Domain Admin right.

    I done the following things:
    Add user to the sms admin group in the sms server (domain server win 2003)
    In the Active directory (domain controller)
    i create a DL group i add the user to this group.
    Create a OU ,moved the helpdesk workstation to this OU
    create a GPO linked to the OU contain the Workstations
    Right-click the GPO, select “Edit”, and select Computer Configuration…Windows Settings…Security Settings…Restricted Groups
    Right-click the white area in the right-hand pane, select “Add group”
    (pls seeattached screenshot)

    Member of this group:

    1-Domain local group
    2-SMS operator group
    3-Helpdesk account
    i couldn’t add add the workstation “Administrator” account (not showing in the AD)

    This groups is a member of:


    In the GPU Security Filtering
    i added:
    the helpdesk workstation
    helpdesk user account.

    refresh the policy.

    after all,the helpdesk can’t using SMS Administrator Console on is workstation .
    just if i add is domain user account to the sms local administrator group.(thing that i would not like to do.
    Can you please advice?:idea:

    Happy new year 2010 to all :wine:


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