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    Dear All,
    i have a questions hopefully someone can help or atleast gives advice!
    i have one Server running ESXI 5.1
    * Exchange
    * Domain controller
    * File server
    * Centos Server
    i have two computers and 1 laptop home which are sharing my small business network some of them are on the domain and others are not,
    i have ISP router with build in firewall,
    i want to use Centos as a firewall to controlls all my internet connection in home and small business, the idea was to use it as Gaterway in my computer machines,

    can you advise what is the proper way to do this?
    my ISP router has the next info
    IP Gateway :
    Subnet ( Class C)

    thank you so much

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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