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    I have a pair of remote users who are reporting latency when working with certain application in their XenApp Desktop environments. The problem has been perpetuating this week and the following experience is:

    1) Words won’t show immediately when typing up an email in Outlook.
    2) Opening up a file in Excel takes a min or longer before it loads. Saving a file in Excel also takes moments before it actually saves.

    Uploading files from the local desktop to the Citrix environment with images can take up to one hour.

    What can I try to address this issue? I have suggested for them to try and launch the application from the web interface site rather than within the Citrix desktop environment and see if there is a difference? Would there be anything else I could for these particular issues? No other remote users are reporting latency at this point.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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