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    I am trying to sliptream xp on a vista machine. i wiped the hardrive, however i don’t remember what i need to install for the computer to recognize there is a hard drive present. Is it a hard drive controller? Sata Raid Controler? Here are the specs for the hardrive. I have looked everwhere for drivers for this model, can’t find anything, could be looking for the wrong thing too!

    Hard drive Name: Travelstar 5K250
    Model number: HTS542516K9A300
    Part number: 0A54974
    Capacity: 160 GB
    Rotational speed (RPM): 5400
    Interface: Serial ATA
    Interface variant: 3Gb/s
    Form factor: 2.5″
    Cache size: 8 MB


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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