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    Hello All,

    I need to acomplish the following:

    Install office 2003 on a terminalserver/citrix environement for users
    in the UK setup style. The all need to use the following spell/grammar
    check -> UK, Fr, NL, Ger (and perhaps some more.)

    If done the following so far:

    created a admin install of office 2003 and slipstreamed it with Sp2.
    Installation of this goes OK.
    I’ve made an MST file with import of an OPS file. So far so good.

    Only strange thing was that during a regular install of office 2003 sp2
    on a terminal server some thing s are default blocked. How does that
    work with MST files? cause these “select all” in
    Screen 7/24.

    No the only part is missing are the spell/grammar check languages…..
    How do I install these into the admin install and slipstream them with
    the latest SP2??

    Kind regard


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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