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    Does anyone have experience in using Skype to hold meetings of several people, that they call ‘ conversations ‘. Skype is excellent, but being free we cannot expect staff to be on duty to answer questions, and as often the case on the NET the FAQ is not of much use at times.

    The problem I always have in running a committee meetings involving 7 people, I can never successfully bring any in after the meeting has started. As usual there is always one or two late, so I have to phone any not showing online beforehand. But then there is the one who drops out and wants to come back in afterwards.

    They try to get me to answer and I have to decline. Otherwise if I accept their call it wrecks the meeting, likewise if I close down the meeting even quit Skype, I can seldom get everyone back in again.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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