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    We have two offices, these are connected via a site to site vpn that has been up and working for years. Just recently users began having issues connecting from the US office to servers in the Israel office. We first noticed it when having issues connecting to a web url that is in the Isreael office.

    We can connect to the url from home or from a phone but not from inside our US office, then it times out. However we found that if we are in the US office and connect to the VPN to the US office the web to this site connects fine. If the VPN is disconnected the connection to this url is gone.

    The VPN uses the same gateway, the same DNS servers, it is on the same internal network. I can resolve by IP using nslookup the server, I can ping the server, but from my office I cannot connect to it. We have rebooted both firewalls (in each office) and still it will not connect.

    Any ideas on what might be blocking it? I feel like we have tried everything (but I’m guessing that is not true).



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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