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Site to Site Domain Setup

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    I have a win 2008 domain with only one domain controller at the main site. I have about 30 additional sites that are in a workgroup with vpn connections back to the main site. The main role of these sites is to transfer data at the end of day back to main site. I want to setup a domain controller in the region where most of these sites reside with site to site setup on new Domain Controller. These sites right now have static Ips and they use a router in order to establish vpn connections back to main site. I want to migrate all these sites and have the client computers join the Domain. I would like to have them authenticate with the new Domain Controller first and if for any reason the 2nd DC goes down, the clients authenticate back to main site. I believe that’s possible configuring WINS and setup on the clients NIC. Based on this Senerio I would like some feed back if possible on the questions below. Or if anyone has a better Idea please advice. BTW I do not have the funds to add DCs

    1. Can I have clients authenticate to the new DC if the new DC does not run DHCP and DHCP is issued by the router instead. The DC will have DNS and Active Dir from Parent DC. Also not entirely sure if the DC must provide DHCP.

    2. Can Clients on remote site authenticate even if there is a break on the internet connection..meaning they wont be able to talk with DC until internet connection comes up.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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