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    I posted somthing the other day that was a bit long-winded. I’ve since done some reading and narrowed down my question much more. Here goes…

    What’s the best way to config sites, links etc when building DC’s in house and then shipping? I will be migrating about 50 branch locations from NT 40 and the WIN 2003 DC’s will be built in our current WIN 2003 Datacenter – then shipped onsite.

    I was thinking of these steps after the branch DC is built.

    1. Create new site
    2. Ensure site links to default-first
    3. Add subnets
    4. Move branch DC into this site

    Does this sound correct? I move the branch DC into the new site when it arrives onsite or before I ship? Does it matter? I guess I’m just confused on how things will function before and after it is built/shipped? When it’s fired up in the remote site (after being moved into it’s site container) it should communicate because the site-link is created?

    Thanks for any info-

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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