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Single Partition W-10 UEFI Installation Possible?

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  • petrilium

    Is ist possible to create a single partition W-10 UEFI installation, by merging the (FAT32) EFI Sytempartition (ESP) functionality into the NTFS boot (windows) partition?
    The UEFI firmwares of my PCs can read NTFS, so no extra FAT32 ESP should be required.
    WinPE 10 (setup) boots UEFI this way an my computers from an MBR USB stick with a single NTFS partition, so I wonder why this shouuld not work for a (full) Windows.
    I know, that Windows enforces the GPT partitioning scheme at installation, but there is no UEFI limitatition, not to boot also from MBR partition schemes.
    The closest I got with my experiments was to convert a single, full disk, NTFS partition, Legacy MBR installation with mbr2gpt, resulting in a GPT disk with Windows on the NTFS partition and a small FAT32 ESP created by mbr2gpt at the end of the disk.
    I then tried to move the EFI stuff into Windows with bcdboot c:\Windows C:\ /s : UEFI to get rid of the FAT32 partition subsequently, but that did not work …

    Any ideas here?

    Is it possible to “inject” the UEFI functioanlity already into the first stage, the single partition BIOS/Legacy booting Windows on NTFS/MBR (since my Firmware can read NTFS) ?
    Or to force the WIndows UEFI installation into a single GPT type partition (Setup refuses to install onto a pre-set full disk partition: “need additional space”).

    The backgrounds for my challange are:
    I hate the obscure partitions forced upon us by MS.
    Recovery: not really neccesary, works also from inside C:\
    MSR: obscure, “for later use”, Bitlocker?
    ESP: apparently technically not required, proven by my above mentioned USB UEFI WinPE single NTFS partition stick
    I prefer a simple partition, backup tools can recognize and fully backup and that can be restrored completely “bare mainboard” without the support partition (“infrastructure”) fuzz (hidden, not movable, …)
    Scientific Curiosity …

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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