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    I’m in SBS2008 environment but I suppose this shouldn’t make any difference. I’m in need to restore a user mailbox where the user deleted almost all of their emails before leaving the company. Had some success with Restore Deleted Items but only partially since it doesn’t restore subfolders of the Inbox folder.

    Hence I decided to use RSG to restore and merge the restored mailbox with the existing one. I’ve got the backup of my First Storage Group and trying to create a RSG of that using the Database Recovery Management wizard. Every time I try to create RSG I get

    “Error encountered while trying to create the RSG. Error message is: The location of the system file is not available in the file system. Parameter name: SystemFolderPath.

    I run eseutil on my restored mailbox store and that completed successfully however while creating RSG still no joy. What am I missing?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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