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    I been trying to share a folder and subfolder from one of the users in a company

    The server is a SBS 2003 server , the workstations are using office 2007

    The company worked in a large project, for legal matters all emails related to that project need to be saved and need to be access by several users regarless of who received the email, how do I share all those emails so that everyone can view them when need it?

    This is what I was trying to do for each user

    I was able to share the folder and subfolder in one of the user who has emails that need to be share
    Since we are not sharing the default folder I had to go in ot the exchange account properties and add an inbox to each of the users that will be accesing that share folder

    Here is my situation

    the first user I setup to access the share folder work OK, all folder can be seen and access but after that all other users I tried to setup will not see the folders. So I stop doing any sharing and here I am

    Can this be fix some how? is there another way to share the folder or copy the emails to a netwrok folder for everyone to access

    Or does anyone has a more efficient way to have all this emails store and shared

    Thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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