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Sharepoint on Exchange Server — any issues?

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    Sorry if this is going a bit off topic for this forum, but I need the real Exchange guru’s input :bowdown:

    Single Exchange 2003 Std (SP2) on Server 2003 Standard R2
    All working correctly with 3rd party certificate for OWA (no separate FE server) and RPC/HTTPS
    WSUS 3 also installed on same box, again working correctly

    Single public IP with port forwarding using Cisco PIX 506 so both 80 and 443 go to the Exchange box

    I need to install Sharepoint (WSS3) and would ideally like it on the same server so I can access it externally using HTTPS and not have to mess around with ports

    Can I install Sharepoint 3 on the Exchange server without risks or should I avoid doing so. Google suggests WSS2 will do nasty things to OWA but nothing easily found about WSS3

    Thanks in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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