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    Hi ,

    This might be A bit complicated , or not..
    We run 4 Servers in one office , 3 of them are NT and we have terminals connecting to them , they all run on the same domain.
    the 4th server is just for storage , it has 500gb and a few shared directory’s everyone can access.
    We have got 2 new Acer Desktop and i connected them to the network. they couldn’t print on the printers so i added them to the domain.
    But when they access the shared folders , its going very very slow , i was trying to move their files and .pst files from one place to a new one using the Shared folders.
    it takes days…
    as against to different desktops that transfer 2gb from the shared folders in a few minutes.
    i am just trying to figure out why with the new computers it works slow and the other desktops it works realy fast.
    i am prety sure i did something wrong , could it be that i joined the domain twice from the same pc ?
    Please advice , The IT guy is on vacation and this guys want to kill me. :(
    Any help would be very appreciated , Thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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