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Share your experiences about Private Cloud storage

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    Hello, everyone,

    In my company (small company), employees often go out that we I plan to build a “cloud storage” so that the data backup is the most convenient.

    Because of some reasons, I am not allowed to use the Cloud of Dropbox, Microsoft, … for the company.

    My idea below. Please help to share your experiences :

    1. On existing File Server (Windows 2008 R2), buy and attach a NAS and install BitTorrent Sync
    Create the managed folder as the file Server, configure BitTorrent for Sync folders
    2. On laptops, install BitTorrent BitTorrent configure Sync, Sync for the folders. Ask employees when working with data, they have to save into that folder.

    My questions :

    1. We have just tested a bit with BitTorrent Sync and don’t know if someone that has used and find it stable as well as the sync speed. Are there any other programs that are the same functions and better BitTorrent Sync ?

    2. Are there any storage devices that allows to do this without install BitTorrent Sync on File Server. Something like a NAS device that already has BitTorrent Sync built in or another Sync program built-in.

    3. How do I configure so that the normal 1-way Sync data on the Server but when when laptop is lost, can configure to delete data from the Server (of course have to backup before) so that it also delete the data on my Laptop?

    4. In question 3, if the answers is NO, is there any way to configure on your laptop when it is lost but can not read data (encrypted data, for example). But I want it is very simple, don’t want to use encrypted Windows which need to join to the domain, that has certificate, private key and public key and rather complicated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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