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    I have a client that needs the following services on their box, Remote Desktop Services (3 Users Internal) , Simple File Sharing, IIS and SQL Express. Was thinking of a DELL box with ESXi and 2 2008 R2 Virtuals, but I don’t want to run AD if I don’t have to. Remote Desktop will be used to access this site specific software that they use for their jobs management and billing, while IIS and SQL will be used for their remote access portion of the same software. Wanted to know what peoples thoughts are on the setup. I was thinking of REmopte Desktop Services on one virtual, maybe, AD (if I need to) DNS , File sharing, IIS and SQL Express on the other VM. Its a really small site with 5 people in the office, and maybe 5 on the road. I would appreciate anyones thoughts on these services running together… thanks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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