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    I am trying to setup Radius MAC authenticated wireless connecting, I know there are better ways but we are trying to stop phones connecting from staff members and we have a mix of domain and none domain PC’s that need to access the wireless.

    Hope someone can help we have Netgear Wireless AP’s that currently have a MAC list on them to stop unwanted PC connections.

    However want to centrally manage this as oppose to uploading a config to each AP, I have setup NPS on a windows 2008ra member server and configured a Connection Request Policy of Wireless – IEEE 802.11 and Wireless. I have not set any Settings on this i.e. Authentication Methods etc.

    I have also created a Network Policy with Wireless IEEE 802.11 and Wireless, Grant Access with Authentication of Unencrypted PAP,SPAP.

    I have allowed my NPS to read the AD by right clicking NPS selecting the option.

    I have also created a new user with the MAC address of a test PC as the username and password along with Dial In setting set to allow access.

    But still cannot get it to work, the AP is set to WPA2 with Radius and is set to point to the NPS server.

    Hoping someone can shed some light on this as it will not authenticate.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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