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    Hi ! I wish to setup a slim, minimally loaded Windows (2000 or XP) desktop OS dedicated to running just the free VMware player, as a “poor hobbyist’s” alternative to the (even free) VMware server for which I don’t have the appropriate hardware.

    I’d appreciate advice, ideas, reference to relevant web pages or documents on the subject : what services, files and apps to remove from a standard OS install, conversely, which ones are absolutely necessary for running the player.

    That system would not need to run anything besides the player (well, possibly also Notepad and a couple similar toolz :=) Not even the usual shell, aka Windows explorer… Really what I want is a dedicated “VMware player OS”

    I can imagine several people preceded me on the way of similar projects… but my friend Google did not find relevant pointers – my searching talents are not so great, presumably.

    Thanks !

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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