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    My applications run on Windows server 20008R2. We have two 2008R2 domain controllers in Country A on same network.

    My application needs to be installed with a specific domain users & can run only run with those users. I cannot disjoin domain else I have to reinstall my applications.

    Some of the servers which are part of domain at country A are being sent to Country B but without domain controllers. Majority servers will keep running in country A with theses two DC.

    If I setup a new DC in country B with same domain name & create groups & users (keeping same names & PW); my applications are not going to work because SID will be all different.

    So I am being told that I will be given image of DC from country A & I then restore on a new HW machine & I have been told that this will work.

    The computers from country B will need to go to country C after my application configuration is done on servers along with my DC.

    The computers & DC from country A will also come to country C after 6 to 9 months along with their two DC & my servers will need to join the original DC of country A.

    Question: 1

    Is above concept going to work in Country B & then in Country C again? What are the loop holes?


    I was thinking that the better option would be as per below.

    As there are two DC in county A, they should first identify which is a Master DC & then shut down that DC. They should send this DC to me to country B along with application servers. Once main DC is shut down, the second DC will become Master for country A.

    As I get original DC & servers together, all will be ok for me at country B for my application configuration to continue.

    Country B system will then go to site in country C first & will be up and running. The DC from country A with balance servers will then come to site in country C & will then become secondary DC.

    Request for your advice. If option 2 is better, can you please technically support it with arguments?
    Is there any better & assured option to avoid reinstallation of applications?
    PS: Network between Country A, & B is not going to connected fro any replication. There will be independent application configuration work going on in parallel.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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