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    I’ve setup a few servers (server 2003) and haven’t had any problems, but I’m sure there are steps and tweaks that I do not know about. I would like to get a sticky with all the additional settings and tweaks that should go into every server setup. Here are a few of my own.

    Define server forrest
    Server 1 – Office/accounting
    Server 2 – file sharing – non-critical/financial information
    Server 3 – etc

    Setup shares before setting users
    Determine share scheme

    • Domain Admin (IT guy only)
    • Admins (managers)
    • Users (users)
    • Guest (Only if you must)
    • Etc

    Create login.bat script for users based upon account types and shares for mapping
    (User.bat Admin.bat poweruser.bat)
    Create user groups (other then the predefined groups)
    Set share access according to groups (not users)

    Set policies

    • Password complexity
    • Password life
    • Login message
    • USB off on server
    • Windows Update policies
    • add more here…


    • Office
    • AntiVirus

    Create users – Create the first in a group and test;

    • Login access
    • Login script
    • Share access

    Duplicate user and simply change the name & password
    ..Repeat for other groups.

    Ensure domain is visible.

    Edit 1-
    Scheduled Tasks

    • Defrag
    • Weekly cleaning (clean manager or 2nd party)

    Desktop Shortcuts

    • Computer Management (For open sessions and viewing errors and events)
    • Active directory

    Additional Programs;

    • Remote login (Logmein/teamviewer etc)

    Backup configuration;

    • Onsite backup Daily (Backup drive with folders Monday – Sunday with daily backup)
    • Monthly snapshot (to DVD or removable drive)
    • Annual snapshot (to DVDs or removable drive stored offsite or firesafe)
    • Offsite backup solution?

    There are a LOT of gaps here. Long time users feel free to edit/add information. I just want to get the ball rolling. If there are other threads or articles already in place, please note them.

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