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    Hi all,

    I am new to this forum and hope somebody can help with this issue. I currently have 7 servers running different O.Ss and processes.

    Two servers have Windows 2000 Server installed and are Domain Controllers. One of the domain controllers is also my print server. Three other servers also have Windows 2000 server installed, are configured as standalone servers, and are running the following processes.
    One is my VPN/Remote Access and my file server, another one runs an application accessed by two users and the Terminal Server Services. The third one hosts our main system, which is a Fox Pro 6.0 database.
    The last two servers are also configured as standalone servers and have Windows 2003 Server installed.
    One of the servers has SQL 2005, which is hosting our new databases and the other one is our MS Project Server.
    I am planning to replace all of the boxes by Rack servers and I would like to see how many servers I actually need. In other words, maybe reducing the servers to only four and spread the processes across these four. Perhaps, use two of those rack servers as Domain Controllers, but assign more processes to them. The other two, use them as standalone servers and assign the rest of the tasks to them.
    Additionally, Windows 2008 server will be released next month and I am debating if I should use 2003 or 2008.
    Is there a way to migrate the Active Directory from a Windows 2000 server to Windows 2003 or 2008?
    I would really appreciate any input.
    Thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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