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    I have a T300 Power Edge server with 3 HDD’s, that was running vmware for a test enviroment. And i have an error that says, 1810 HDD 0 fault error. Did research, and all pointed to bad HDD.

    So 2 light up green 1 amber. i took the amber out and swaped places with a green one, to eliminate the socket. So the amber one failed in its new location and the green remained the same in it’s new location. So i bought a new HDD, same model, when i put it in, it turned amber too, both times amber blinking.

    Now, when i first had the error, i went into the config, to clear, and redo the RAID, thought i might get lucky in fixing it, it showed that i had 3 hard drives, even with the amber light. Wth the new hard drive it only shows 2 HDD’s. HDD’s are 250G

    So i configured the raid, with only the 2 good HDD’s, initiallized at the end of day friday, taking to long so i left for the weekend. So i’m hoping monday when i come in, if i plug the new one in again, it will image, worth a try i guess.

    in troubleshooting, i cleaned out, dusted and reseated the processor, ram, perc, cables and HDD’s

    3 questions,

    1) Any ideas on what may be the problem with the original HDD failing
    2) Any ideas on the new and same make HDD not show up
    3) Can i run the server with only 2 HDD’s


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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